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I always love your videos, and this one made clear several reasons why. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Thanks for the encouragement.

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When we do these, we call them "Wild at Heart" trips. We really were created for adventure.
I liked that book for the most part. I do agree with the main theme. We are created for adventure. Great to hear that others are getting out in the woods with similar goals.

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That is terrific ya'll get out and share the Glory. No better place the in the Backwoods Hood.
I am not a big church goer but feel it most outdoors and singing some good bluegrass gospel with friends. Just jamming and feeling it. No rehearsal.
Like singing a prayer I reckon.
Here is us picking some gospel if your so inclined.

Cry Holy...

No Hiding Place

I was a member of the Backwoods Hood before any other. Singing around the campfire is better than a fine beer.

I am so inclined. I love it.

Here is what we sang. The quality is lacking, there are no instruments, but we have some heart.