Hey fellas,

I have a double layer 1.8 Thunderbird coming from Dream Hammock and it's using the 7/64 full whoopee hook suspension from Dutch. You know they say idle hands are the devils workshop . . .well, while waiting for my stuff to arrive, I've been doing some reading and I want to make sure I'm ok on this . . .

I'm 5'10" and weigh my weight bounces between 265-285- not a small guy. I understand that the 11 ft thunderbird hammock, suspension etc. is not the lightest solution for backpacking, but that's my intended purpose, so overall gear weight is a consideration.

I understand that some guys are super cautious and want like a 10:1 safety zone on loadbearing cordage, some say 5:1 etc. I've read whitepapers and seen plenty of threads on here.

What's the real world answer? Will the 7/64 amsteel suspension system be plenty for me or should I consider 1/8.

I've seen people suggesting (based on my max weight of 285) 1/8 amsteel and then there are threads with 400lbs or more using 7/64 for years with no problem.