Hey guys it's viper!

I almost have my whole hammock rig completely finished!

So I am using a contentious ridge line with my tarp now and I plan on attaching the tarp to the CRL buy clipping on the RL tie out to the CRL onto a prussic knot. On both ends of the tarp (using these type of carabeaners that lare a screw lock) I got them for a couple dollars at Walmart and they are non weight bearing ones but are aluminum so my questin is would these be strong enough to attach my tarp to my CRL on a prussic? Or do you think they would break?

I have always been sort of confused on how strong my tarp needs to be able to stand against on wind and rain snow that stuff.

Just I don't want to be in a storm and the carabeaner that's copied to the CRL prussic knot to break and leaving me and all of my gear soaked.

(I like these kind of carabeaners because theirs nothing sharp on them that could mess up my tarp.
Thanks for all the help guys!