Not sure where to put this, mods move if needed. Because it is mainly about the JRB BMBH UL, but is also equally about how a quilt fits on this hammock.

So I have had this BMBH UL for a while but have rarely used it. Same can be said for my WBRR. At first I was not sure I liked this BMBH UL overall as well as I did my original BMBH, but it has been growing on me so to speak. The shoulder room and comfort is as much as I need, and I can do quite well on my side. But it is still not as shallow as the WBRR. Some will call that a negative, but I am still able to lay back into the side, which supports me, which I really like, just like with the original- and deeper- BMBH. I have not really been able to test the WBRR as much as I would like, because it is very difficult to use it on my Vario stand, it is just too long for that. So any testing I do of that hammock is strictly in the woods. But the BMBH's suspension length is much shorter and works nearly as well from my stand as from the trees.

But I am finding the BMBH UL very comfortable, nearly as comfy overall as the original and with improved shoulder room. Not near as much shoulder room as the WBRR but still plenty for my 6'1", 206 lb self. Heck, I am even OK in the shoulders with the original. I don't need a pillow near as much as I do with the original BMBH. The UL is lighter than the original and significantly shorter total length than the WBRR. Not so much in the hammock body, but shorter in the suspension. So I really need to give this hammock more time in the woods.

Just like with the original BMBH, quilt fit can be fantastic( probably the case with all bridge hammocks), much better and simple to set up than with any of my non-bridge hammocks. I got a few pics to demonstrate, threw a weighted pack in to simulate an occupied hammock. Then got in and tried to take a couple of selfies.

Apparently I forgot or erased some shots from the head end, but fit is just as good as the foot end. Notice here the excellent fit to the hammock of this MW3 convertible torso section at the leg end:

Also, notice the excellent fit between the hammock and the quilt at the side:

Here is the side view occupied. You can't tell, but even though the quilt is quite snug against my back, there is still plenty of loft under me:

Notice the foot end's(about knee level) fit to the hammock, how tight and without any creases or gaps. It is really snug, but notice the loft hanging below the nicely sealed edge. No creases, no gaps, no accordion effect, etc. You can't tell from the pic, but the draw cords are pretty much wide open. Probably because of my criss cross suspension technique, something I 1st discovered with my WBRR. It works fine without this approach, but I think I am more likely to have to cinch up the end channels.

Except maybe being equaled by other bridge hammocks, or almost by an HHSS or Pea Pod, can you get a better UQ fit than this? For the most part, can we even get one this good and simple to achieve each and every time? And since the UQ comes up several inches above the hammock's top edge, when I lean back into that edge which supports my back, I have plenty of insulation. That's one thing that keeps me from switching to pads in my original BMBH, the pads won't cover the sides near as well.

Lastly: I have always been hesitant to give of the pad pocket on my original BMBH , the best hammock by far I have ever used with a pad, for the no pad pocket UL. But I finally tried a full length WM blue pad just laid inside the hammock. Really not bad. I could definitely deal with that in an emergency. But if I was actually planning to use a pad every night, I would still go with the original's pad pocket.

I am going to try and use this BMBH UL more than I have been doing. It has a lot going for it.