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Thread: Bubblewrap

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    Ah yes, soon after I posted that question I realised it didn't make sense as quilt insulation is to do with trapped air too. But you've explained it very well, now it makes sense, smaller the airpocket the better the insulation value, in most cases anyway. Physics was never my strong point but that makes sense now. I may look into quilts in that case, I'm keen to at least try bubble-wrap though from what you've said there's no real weight or size advantage over quilts or otherwise, at least in terms of the quantity needed.

    Will give this a bit of a think before I set off, also going to read a few threads on here to get insulation ideas. Thanks agin guys,


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    Insultarp got to grab some of a jobsite

    There is a "double" bubblewrap insulation with a reflective barrier in the middle made for radiant floor heat. This answers some of the questions posed by JayS. They claim an R factor of 10 in an 1/4" thick material. Very small bubbles (1/4") are both facing to the center and the Mylar foil is laminated to one side. The material does not fold up easily but does roll up tightly.
    I am going to have to grab some off a job site to try - the stuff runs about $1 per square foot.
    Anyone else tried this?

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    Hmm, how about wrapping the bubblewrap in aluminium foil, or putting foil between two layers of wrap? Not something I imagine would be a good permanent solution, and would take up yet more room, but since I'm venturing out tomorrow I'm trying to come up with something using the materials near to hand!

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    Well I spent my first ever night in a Hammock last night, in a forest in South Wales, utilising a homemade mat consisting of a double layer of bubblewrap wrapped in aluminium foil. How did it work? Pretty well I think, it certainly made some kind of difference, I was warm enough during the night, not always 100% toasty but warm enough to sleep well. As an experiment I think it was good but I may look in to other ways in future, it was a bit lighter than my camping mat but no smaller so there was no size-saving there.

    But that's beside the point, with regards to Hammock Camping all I have to say is...Wow! I now see what all the fuss is about, that is by far the most comfortable night's camp I have ever had. Comfier than a tent by a long way and so much more open, I fell asleep to the sound of Owls trying to out-shriek each other, and I was so comfortable I didn't want to get up the next morning! But when I did I was so well-rested that the 3+ hour cycle ride home was a doddle.

    Thankyou to Warbonnet and to the people on here who recommended me Warbonnet, I am now officially a Hanger!


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