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    Ridgelines, tarps and snakeskins

    Hey folks,

    so last week I received my Expedition Deluxe and set it up in the lounge between two posts to try it out and ended sleeping in it every night except one (when my son was trying it out with a view to maybe getting one for himself for his up coming cross Canada bike trip). But last night I took it outside and set it up in the back yard. It was a bit last minute and as a result I had an issue or two and more than a few questions.

    Should I erect my tarp seperately to my hammock?
    I'm thinking I would like to get the large hex fly and couple of extra sets of snakeskins so that I can have the hex in one set of skins as a totally separate component. Then I would have my std fly attached to my hammock but with its own set of skins so that I could skin it up when using my hex fly but also have skins on my hammock that would wrap std fly and hammock when not in use. Does that make sense?

    Ridge-lines, will they stop my tarp being so "flappy"? I get the feeling that because my corners were staked into the ground and the only thing they had tension against were the two middle corners this allowed the tarp to flap much more in higher winds than it would do if there were a ridge-line in place that would essentially allow the pegged corners to tension against the whole length of the ridge-line.

    Hammock tie-outs.
    Should these be staked out to the ground or tied out to the tarp? Assuming of course that I'm just running with the std tarp and not the hex fly.

    All I had for warmth last night was my old self inflating mat from my days as a ground hugging tenter and my sleeping bag. Tonight I'm going to add a foam cell mat into the mix to see if that helps in my efforts to be able to winter camp without having to go to the expense of an underquilt, wish me luck folks.

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    with my HH, I had a Mac Cat deluxe with mesh skins.
    Kept them on the outside of my pack to be able to dry out.

    I kept my HH in its' own skins.

    I prefer not to use the tie outs at all. But they would be staked to the ground if used.

    so yes, I hung my tarp first,
    hammock second just below it.

    I use Dutch Zingers for tying the tarp. Zing It! and Flyz #FTW

    I think Te-Wa has a video somewhere showing this.

    AT '12. AT '14. FT '15. CA '15.

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    You are in a LEARNING CURVE. I found I needed some practice, when I was not needing to use the hammock immediately.

    There are lots of prior posts about how to hang your hammock and rainfly.

    One member even wrote a wonderful book on how to become a proficient HANGER. The book covers everything I learned by trial and error.

    I thought I needed a Monsoon or a Typhoon for my Hennessy, what I really needed was more practice setting up my rainfly and choosing my location. I live in a windy, wet area. I learned after getting wet too many times, how to set up my rainfly without being in a tent without a floor.

    Time, determination and research showed me the way. Now I use a Hennessy Stock Tarp (rainfly) works very well, just a matter of angles and experience.

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    I setup my HH Hex tarp on it's own ridgeline now. You don't even have to have it on a can just tie the ends off to the trees instead. I have done it that way for years, and it works fine.

    I also keep my tarp in a seperate set of skins from the hammock. If/when it does rain, you don't want a soaking wet tarp wrapped around your hammock.

    I've also kept my hammock in seperate skins...which is nice because you can skin it up out of the way if you want to sit under the tarp during the day in poor weather.

    As far as the flapping...hanging the tarp seperately from the hammock will do wonders to reduce that. Tension the ends, and tension the sides down, and you should have very little noise from the tarp after that. Using the 'stock' method of haning the tarp on the same suspension of the hammock results in some sag when you climb into the hammock and shorten that distance between those points.

    I personally like the tie outs on the can do either, attaching them to the tarp/tarp tie outs, or stake them directly to the ground. I normally just take them to the ground on their own stakes.

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