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Is anyone else going with less insulation than needed?

I only have a 20 UQ and a 30 TQ so I will be bringing other stuff to keep warm in case I need it, I figure I am not the only one who does not have gear rated below 20 and I am ok with that.

I will be bringing a few wool blankets a 0 bag a military bag converted to a TQ a pad just in case.
I have a coworker I am trying to get to go who does not have cold weather hammock gear but he is also a backpacker and has gone with me on a winter trip with snow shoes and sleds so he has enough to stay warm, I just gotta talk him into it.

I am looking forward to this and I hope there is snow this year.
A sock may be all you need to tackle lower temps. Folks have reported that the interior temp can be 15 to 20 degrees higher than exterior temp.

Here's a few low-cost socks (though the last one is less low-cost)
Dream Hammocks
Molly Mac Gear

Many folks have made very inexpensive DIY socks. All you need is a bunch of breathable material and a bit of sewing. The fanciest/nicest of the above socks is probably the last one, which is made of gore-tex. It can not only function as a sock, but replace a tarp as well.