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    I'm kind of new and these guys are right. it becomes addicting. i look here just about everyday to see all the tips and tricks everyone does, and gear they buy or make. i have the "I want it all, I want it now" syndrome! check out Just Jeff's site, it got me to this site and is extremely informative.

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    Thanks for the welcomes!

    Yup, I'm drinking the kool aid, setting up myself for more gear. I went through this gearing up for backpacking - now it's for hanging.

    I bought the 1.7 double BB with straps for those curious.

    The season we're heading into should delay Superfly tarps, ultralight quilts, etc. If I stay strong and resist I may get through all this without my wife suggesting I sleep in my BB permanently.

    I'll keep you posted on my first setup (with pictures and questions, I'm sure).

    Looking forward to sharing with all of you.
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    Where in WA are you? I'm in the Tacoma area. Welcome to the site.

    Edited to say: I haven't changed my location on my profile yet...
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    Shadowmoss - Great name - I have both on my front yard. I live just north of Woodinville.

    Tacoma - cool - in the shadows of Mt. Rainier - backpacker's heaven!
    "Blackbird swinging in the dead of night..."

    See Wah Wah

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