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Thread: Hand Sanitizers

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    Quote Originally Posted by markr6 View Post
    Rubbing alcohol in a small contact solution bottle. BOOM!
    I was wondering if I was alone. soap and water when ever available and plain ol' rubbing alcohol in a pinch. I do use alcohol gel on the trail, I don't even carry soap, don't wash dishes cause I cook in the bag and if I get grungy enough I usually have a couple of alcohol pads with me to wipe down with or if it is warm enough I will take a bird bath with some boiled water. one reason for alcohol gel is out of consideration for my trail mates and their peace of mind.

    I didn't realize there was issues with some non alcohol hand sanitizers and like someone else posted I picked up a 3 pack from the dollar store back in march, I haven't used any of it and probably wont now so it looks like I just got some new fuel bottles as well.


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    Might as well just pack a nice, high proof drinking alcohol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chefkeith View Post
    Might as well just pack a nice, high proof drinking alcohol.
    Might have to do some serious testing of sanitizing from the inside out...

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    I use Everclear for fuel. I carry my stove and fuel in the pot and don't much want to eat poison. Would also sanitize the fingers - stings like crazy in a wound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatBigDave View Post
    I use Everclear for fuel.
    Same here. I think it's crazy to burn such a toxic (HEET) substance 4" away from your food and just a couple feet away from the air you're inhaling. Being outside helps, but still not something I want to mess with. At $1 bottle, I really want it to work but I stopped using it. Using cheap Everclear knockoff now. $13 for 750ml lasts me a long time.

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