It's that time of year where I become a bit less of a lurker and actually find some time to make a post!

I'll keep it short and sweet: Right now you can get a $75 Double Hammock voucher for only $44 on our site. The vouchers are good for 180 days and can be easily gifted so if you're looking to introduce someone to the hammock lifestyle this is a great way to get them on board for cheap. Or, if you've been wanting to try out one of Double Hammocks to add to your neverending and awesome hammock addiction, well, you know how it goes!

This is a Groupon-Style deal which means it only goes live if we pass 125 vouchers sold - all your help in spreading the word to the hammock loving community is extremely appreciated. Don't forget - when you make your purchase on our website, choose '' in the 'Where Did You Hear About Us?' drop down and 1% of the total will be donated back to the Hammock Forums!

Full details are here

You can purchase the voucher through our Facebook Page or directly on our website.

We'll definitely be having more holiday sales coming up which will cover more of our product line, but this is definitely the lowest possible price we'll be offering on our Double Hammocks this year (it's the lowest we've ever offered!).

Hammock on!