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    My first DIY Tarp...

    Well, this took 3 evenings to finish, and we still have to install the panel pulls, but it is turning out ok. The cat-cuts were a pain to sew, and the stitches are not the straightest, but it pitches tight and doesn't leak.

    Silnylon is kind of a pain to work with, but if I did it, then you can too.

    This was a project that my friend Jason and I did together and learned a lot. We are gonna try to do a couple more winter tarps when we have the time, and I am sure that we can get better every time.

    I had a lot of photos of the process and the finished tarp, but my phone got corrupted and this is all I have for now. I will take some photos of the tie outs and the tarp hanging tomorrow.

    DIY is fun and you can do it if you try.

    It has 4 1/2 inch cat cuts and the tie outs were reinforced with grosgrain instead of pack cloth. I kind of modeled it after a edge with a few changes.

    11 ft ridgeline
    122 wide

    3/4 grosgrain ridgeline and tie out re-enforcements
    3/4 beastie dees
    Keyrings for the ridgeline loops

    More photos later...
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