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    Need guide to attaching a Greylock UQ to a BMBH

    Sorry for the Noob question...

    I need help with how to properly suspend (attach?) a Greylock 4 underquilt to a Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock (BMBH). The quilt has both a shock-cord loop (for use with a gathered end hammock) and loops like the full sized Mt. Washington UQ. However, using the loops alone, the length of the GL4 UQ is insufficient to use the foot end loops.

    How is this supposed to work with the BMBH? Has somebody posted instructions or a YouTube video showing how they hookup?


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    When I have used my Yeti which has a shockcord loop, I have just fitted the shock cord ends over the spreader bars and it worked fine.

    But you say it also has the standard JRB loops on each end or corner? I have a tendency to prefer that method, as it seems to do away with any so called accordion effect which can cause a gap in the middle. Assuming you don't want to cut up the shockcord loop that it came with, can you get hold of any other shock cord? In order to rig up some of these JRB style suspensions cords?

    Of course, you could always order those from JRB, hard to beat at that price, and includes little biners. But one thing: the standard suspension set is not quite long enough to work with a short UQ. They sent me one extra piece of shock cord with my MW3 convertible, which has worked fine. But, you could rig up a non-shock cord extender for the foot end as well, not hard to do.

    Here is how I like to rig mine, with the suspension crossing over the hammock on the foot end. It is the most perfect fit and seal I have seen on any hammock/UQ combination:

    Here it is on a WBRR just for the heck of it:

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