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    Quote Originally Posted by Oms View Post
    Ok now I am confused. HH has both the hammock dimensions and the fabric dimensions and the BB has just dimensions. If I'm reading it correctly the HH should be 20" shorter and may actually work with this stand.
    You are misreading the data..... The HH backpacker asym and the WBBB are virtually identical as far as the bottom and the lay is concerned....They both have 120 x 65 inch bottom pieces and the ridge line on the HH is 100 inches and the WBBB is 101.... so as far as suspending in the frame they will be near identical.... Biggest difference will be the side/top load feature vs the bottom load feature which suggest in a low frame like you have found the WBBB will be easier to get in and out.... In the trees both are reasonably convient.

    If you otherwise like the stand, I recommend extending the end poles as other hase suggested.

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    i have that stand...and others.
    Cut the middle pipe between the two feet with a hacksaw.
    I think I cut it pretty much in half.........
    Then you'll be fine

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