I ordered a number of pieces of kit from Jacks with their Black Friday sale. I also bought an Old Rag Mountain for use as a top quilt for me or for an underquilt for my son in cold temps. Two days later I wanted to change the order and reached out to them via email and told them what I wanted. They got back to me and had no problem. They then shipped the order before I could pay for the additions. They took it on faith that I would pay. Of course I did, but between the show of faith and their responsiveness, I will always be a Jacksrbetter customer. I am now a proud owner of 8 of their quilts!

By the way, I received all the goods today. Great shipping, what a great feeling to have my goods so quickly after ordering.

I previously owned 2 ORM's, 2 Hudson Rivers, 2 Shenandoah's and a Greylock 3!

Now I am able to take the family hanging in any kind of weather and I know we will all be safely warm!

Thanks to the Jacks!

(Anyone want advice about their products that I own, just ask! I would love to talk more about them)