A Family-Friendly, Cold Weather, Self-Organizing, Hammock Hanging and Camping Event.

The Mt. Rogers Winter Hang happens because people volunteer to do stuff! It organizes itself on a Google spreadsheet.

Location: Group Campground, Grayson Highlands State Park
Lat,Lon 36.63974,-81.487355

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Park Information
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Park Weather Forecast

There is already a thread with excellent safety information that is being used for questions about the hang and early expressions of interest and/or trepidation. We’ll use this thread, with the standard title syntax as the official organizing thread now that we’re closer to January.
Please register on the spreadsheet. It helps greatly with planning. The sheet is set up so you can change your answers at any time if your plans change or if you need to add or delete information. It is more or less self-explanatory, but don’t hesitate to ask questions. Sheet two is for tasks and items we need to bring. It can be updated with proposals for pre-hikes, day hikes, or other activities. Expect it to change substantially, so check back shortly before the hang.


SCHEDULE of EVENTSThis hang is less structured than some others. All meals are on- your-own except the Saturday Potluck Supper, but they have a communal feeling, as people cook around the group fire near the pavilion. Slowhike’s big tarp provides coverage for the fire pit area. In addition, it’s nice to have 3 or 4 tarps on the windward side of the pavilion. Sign up on Sheet Two of the Spreadsheet if you can bring one.

Family-Friendly Event: We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly camping hang. As an advertised family friendly event, we ask all hangers to use appropriate language and actions in front of our young people. Kinda like Hammock Forums itself so not a big deal for our group.

Bathrooms, Showers, Water: None of these are supplied by the park. We’ll have a Porta Potty nearby. Bring your water from home or get water at the park office. The campground water is turned off, and the bathrooms are closed for the winter.

Covered Pavilion: Yes – it is used mostly for the raffle, though you can cook meals under the roof if you’re neat. (It’s warmer around the fire ring.)

Vendors Sales: People often ask if vendors will be selling at group hangs. The answer is no. The vendors have discussed this and say it's not something they want to do. You can see their hammock setups, tarps, quilts, etc. any time during the weekend and during the hammock tours. And the vendor donations make up a lot of the raffle prizes. There's no better place to see winter hammock gear.

"Originally Doctari had started a thread about this winter hang which can be found here....
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