Photo courtesy of [o]TTer

EGL Winter Backcountry 2013-2014

When there's snow on the ground and the temperature's well below freezing most sensible people simply turn up their furnaces or catch a flight to warmer climes. A few intrepid souls (or "crazy people" depending on who you're talking to) take it as a queue to bundle up with scarves and hats, load up a sled, strap on some skies or snowshoes and head out to find a remote stretch of forest to camp for a few nights of what they consider "fun". Some even go so far as to encase themselves in a feather cocoon and dangle themsleves between two trees. Madness.... Sheer madness...

Let the madness begin...

When: One weekend in February 2014. TBD. I'm personally leaning towards Feb 22/23 with the possibility of an extra day or two on one end or another, say Feb 20-23.

Where: TBD, Central Ontario location. Snow's a must, fishing's a plus. Algonquin, Silent Lake, Frontenac, Crown land or elsewhere. Let's hear some suggestions.

Photo courtesy of [o]TTer