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    Hey Colicab

    First off give us as much information as you can. I see that you are new here and I think it may be a good idea if you go through the vocab and acronyms pages so you are speaking the same language as the rest of us.

    That being said I am with a couple of the others and would suggest stringing the hammock up with more slack. The first hennessy I had the ridgeline had to be loose even when I was in the hammock to get rid of that ridge. I understand what you mean about the ridge of fabric being higher. Don't get frusterated take time and try out different tensions and heights, once you find the sweet spot it will all click.

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    Yes, try loosening the hammock hang.
    I hung my HH tight for years, then once (setting-up too late and too dark) I hung it very loose with foot end a couple inches higher and loved the results.
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    Whoopies? Is this an indication that you removed the stock suspension and replaced it? If so, how did it hang before you changed it out? Perhaps you purchased it already modified? If so, you need to figure out how it was done because mistakes could be adding to your problem.

    In other words, like others said, we need more details and some pictures before we can give better answers. I mean, we can all guess and make suggestions but they are shots in the dark without more information.

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    I also hang the foot end a little higher and have my butt a little left of center hope that helps.

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    I'd be near-certain that it's a problem with the way the material has been gathered at the ends — otherwise any tightness wouldn't be parallel to the ridgeline. Probably not something you couldn't sort out by tinkering with the gather at each end though.

    For the record, I never had anything like that problem in mine (same model), and I couldn't replicate it if I tried either. It's just not the way the hammock hangs. Foot end higher wouldn't make any difference if your hammock is badly gathered, nor would slackening the hang. You need to fix the hammock.

    To take a final stab at what's gone on, it's likely that this issue would have cropped up during the installation of the whoopee slings. If the material at one end has been cut accidentally and pulled into the gather to cover it up, that would probably give you a ridge down the middle. Or if it's just been pulled in unequally at one end, you might get the same result.

    Long story short, it's probably not the way you're hanging, it's the hammock. Get that fixed and the problem will go away.

    That's my opinion at least.

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    Oh dear, just seen how old this thread was! Sorry. Still, if anyone else has this issue hopefully that's a solution!

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