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    Quote Originally Posted by overthinker View Post
    I went with lots of overstuff - 10 ounces total in the quilt. I know, "way overboard", but hear me out.

    I initially filled with 7 ounces, which should have come out to about 10% overstuff. No matter how much I shook the thing, the insulation seemed thin and there were parts of baffles that were simply empty. Then I started looking at other 3/4 and 1/2 length quilts, which led me to believe that the chart on the website are mathematically correct but may not actually be functionally correct.

    For example, the 3/4 UQ on the Wilderness Logics site, which is where I bought my down, is stuffed with 9 oz. This quilt is also 2 inches narrower and 5 inches shorter than the Foyle, and is taper cut to boot. The Hammock Gear Phoenix 20 is an inch narrower and 8 inches shorter, and is stuffed with 8 ounces of 850 fill.

    So, while I now have a heavier quilt that I imagined I would, I feel pretty secure in knowing that I won't have any cold spots creeping in on me while I'm sleeping. This is also one of the main advantages of DIY projects - you can always change things if you think you need to!

    Thats gonna be a very nice piece of gear, when your finished can we see some pics?, also fyi, if you decide to go with another one in the future, like maybe a full length or some thing, the measurments on the site are not etched in stone, meaning that Dave will add a few inched here or there for you and it is usally at no extra charge.
    But please post pics when you can and congrates on the new piece of gear..

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    I'll see if I can fire up the old potato and get some pictures posted. To be honest, the 5 foot length is really pretty optimal for what I was looking for. I'm 6'1", so really it's just either my head or my feet that hang over the edge of the quilt when hung. I laid out in it the other night for around 20 minutes in about 15 degree temperature with just a puffy jacket for a blanket and was nice and warm!

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