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As someone here once pointed out, the mesh isn't there to dry out the tarp. It's there to dry out the inside of the skin that gets wet from the tarp. If the skin is waterproof, then it has a very difficult time drying out, possibly leading to nasties inside. Not so much with the hammock skin since the hammock is (hopefully) dry when stored inside.
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I'm confused. What's the difference or importance between the skins not drying and maybe getting "nasty" or the tarp itself not drying and getting nasty? I use regular sil snakeskins and make sure I air things out so the tarp doesn't get moldy, don't really care about the skins too much but do turn them inside out occassionally to air out.
I haven't thought about this. Good point.

I think they are saying yes the tarp will not dry out faster. However when you do get the tarp out next, the mesh will air out faster and easier than sil. This way the skins will dry out when not on the tarp. Mositure from the wet tarp could stay in the wet skins if it were not mesh. Making the skins themselves harder to dry out.