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    SOLD: 2 Pair 40x30 Pants: LL Bean Flannel Lined and Royal Robbins Canvas

    Sold to Groundhog! two pairs of 40x30 men's pants. Condition as noted and measurements agree with the sizing. There are over three pounds of heavy duty pants here! $25 for the works including US shipping and PayPal fees.

    LL Bean flannel lined khakis. All cotton, pleated front, heavy khaki outer fabric with soft flannel lining. In good condition, worn soft and one slight pen mark near the left front pocket (see the arrows in the photo).

    Royal Robbins cotton canvas pants, flat front, about the weight of jeans, super clean and very light wear, just nicely broken in. There is a hidden zippered "security pocket inside the right front.
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    I have a pair of these. I do a lot of volunteer work and am generally in slacks and a tie outdoors in Alaska. These pants tame the cold in style.

    Not my size, but I wish they were.

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    I'll take them.
    Sending PM

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