You can file this under a "dumb question" heading if you want but I'm puzzled about the Greylock 3 Under Quilt I just bought.

The tapes with line locks on two sides are the ends of the UQ and
they adjust the fit of the UQ against my hammock, correct?

Then the whole UQ can slide along a shock cord to adjust it's placement under the hammock so it hangs properly under my torso as I'm lying in the hammock, isn't that right?

Well here's my puzzlement - why does this fore-and-aft shock cord end, and have a line lock, at what would be the foot end of the hammock? Seems like, to this noob, that the shock cord end and line lock would be at the head end where the placement would be more important.

Finally there's a loop of tape sewn into one edge. I guess this is there as a handle to move the Quilt around when it's hung on the hammmock?