After a half-dozen years of hammock backpacking with pads only, I finally made the plunge and bought the 3-season JRB set with Sniveller, sleeves, and Mt Washington (3 -season).

So I haven't found a video or tips page on how best to use the Sniveller and sleeves as a serape. The basics are pretty straightforward: tie it around your belly. But I have to believe there are some good pointers have picked up as to how to best keep the heat in, tips for how best to use the sleeves with the serape, etc. I have seen Shug's entertaining video on the sleeves, but I'm interested specifically on best ways to configure the quilt, and then how best to integrate the sleeves.

What have you learned that you can pass along before I head into the cold mountains? Is there a good thread on this topic that I simply didn't see?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom!