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That is weird. On the UL I have always had more netting that wants to get in my face than with my old original model with it's removable net, which was always roomy above my face. But even on my UL, I have not had the excess netting you are describing. Maybe they have added more netting because they were getting too much net damage? Any way, a shock cord mod should be an easy answer. I'm actually thinking it should come with this from JRB. But if you are going to use a RL, that might also be a good place to attach the net to.
That's what I'm thinking, they added netting. I was hoping one of the Jack's would chime in.
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This is what I did on my Grizz Bridge to keep my netting up…… it is a nonstructural ridge line. As long as needed to hold up the netting.
Think this may work for you maybe.

I have been thinking of Something like this only with small magnets