So at the M.A.H.H.A I fell in love with the BMBH UL. I tested it out looked it over and really liked it. So for Christmas my wife got me one... well I have been in and out if it all day mostly in ... I have tried out every Uq I own (which isn't many) and I love the thing. but I don't know if i'm setting it up correct or not.
When its set up as tight as I can get it, the no-seeum is almost on my face when inside. Looking at it from the top and side it seems to have a lot of excess material, same thing, no worse, when I set it with 9'3" between the otter rings as stated in the directions. While in the hammock flat on my back I can extend my arm out all the way with a balled fist before the no-seeum is tout
so my question is ,well is this normal or am I not getting something right. Did maybe some how mine get made with extra no-seeum on the sides. I can't load pix for some reason I will as soon as I can thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS