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Thread: inside out lynx

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    inside out lynx

    I set up my lynx in the dark last night,with the baffles toward me. During the getting comfy stage I was surprised to find myself a little chilly on the bottom.
    After realizing my mistake the change was easily remedied.
    While back in the rr I laid there laughing at myself for the obvious mistake.
    Then it dawned on me that with the baffles in the down compression made a reduced r value in the under quilt.
    A thought came that why wouldn't this method work in warmer weather to create a say 40 degree u q from the original 20 degree lynx.
    Has anyone ever tried this,or what are your opinions of the potential for this to be a practical use application.
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    I did it accidentally this spring-----getting late, very tired etc----I didnt like the way it felt at all--like the bottom of the hammock was too tight. finally I realized what had happened and flipped it back the way it was supposed to be! For warm weather use, I made a very cheesy, ugly copy of the lynx out of an old synthetic sleeping bag. (its not pretty, but it was easy to do!) You are correct in that compressing the down would make the r value change, but you can do the same thing by hanging it a little looser so there is a little bit of an airgap.
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