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    How to get lateral tension: MW3 + WBBB?

    Tried out my brand-spanking new MW3 + Sniveler this weekend @ 24F. I should note I am a quilt newbie - have been a pad and mummy bag guy for 6 years, and finally took the plunge to lighten/shrink my load.

    No problems with the Sniveler - setup was easy, and it performed flawlessly. Used it as a Serape in the morning while having coffee and breakfast, really nice and toasty!

    The problem was the MW3 setup. It took me a few tries to get the end drawcord tension just right: loose enough to maximize shoulder coverage, tight enough to not have any end air gaps, but I figured it out and next time should be a snap. The big problem: the side loops on the MW3 do not match the BB side tieout points. I ended up unzipping the bugnet and yanking the left side of the quilt all night long to keep from getting cold shoulders, and experienced CBS several times during the night due to bottom gaps in the quilt. The root cause of the problem appears to be maintaining lateral tension in the quilt and keeping it in position for a diagonal lay, particularly when tossing and turning during the night.

    I did a little searching on HF and it seem like many folks find a way to clip the quilt sides to the hammock, e.g. Dutch quilt clips. Is this the only viable solution to the problem? One of the (probably stupid) ideas I thought of after I got back was to run a line between the quilt side loops up over the top of the ridgeline, maybe with some tensioners. This could be done with very little weight penalty as only a very lightweight line should be needed.

    I am a little reluctant to have my wife sew clips or loops onto the hammock until I've optimized the position of the quilt on the long axis for maximum shoulder coverage. I've thought about maybe supergluing a loop on the hammock, then securing the quilt with an S-biner.

    Am I missing something painfully obvious?

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