Well I recently took possession of a BMBH from Miyanc in a trade and figured I'd post some of my mods and a little review of it. First off, this is my first bridge hammock and I can see why people love them or hate them. It is really like a floating cot. Really flat lay but kinda narrow. The insect netting has been modified to have zippers down both long sides and velcro at the head end. There are ties at the foot end to roll the netting down and tie it off.

So the first thing I did was open up JRB stuff sack into a double ended stuff sack and make a sack for the spreader bars.

Then I made a larger storage pouch for the inside. There was one already included but it's kinda small and I like to just empty my pockets when Iím lounging in the hammock.

Then I opened up the foot end of the pad pocket so I could reach in and pull a pad through instead of only being able to push it. Pushing a pad in worked just fine my CCF pad, but when I tried to add a "Z" fold windshield reflector it just bunched up. Now I have about a 7" wide opening I can stick my hand it to grab the pad and pull it through.

One of the last things Iíve done is add snaps along the length of the velcro at the head end. The velcro seems kinda worn out and will let go with just a little bit of pressure. Now with the snaps holding the corners and middle it stays sealed shut much better.

I've also noticed how much better my underquilts fit on this bridge hammock. My HG Incubator fits like it was made for it. I just hooked the included hooks to the apex rings and secured the shock cord in the slots in the spreader bars. This method holds the quilt very securely.

All in all I'm really happy with this hammock. I haven't got to spend the night in it yet, but have taken a couple of naps. There is a little bit of shoulder squeeze that I think will either just come to feel normal or leave me with sore collar bones in the morning. Only time will tell.