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Thread: Porch Mode

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    I just used two of these (set comes with 4), one attached on either side of the hex tarp, just attached to the triangle d-ring that's already on the tarp. (didn't buy them here, just the first ad I found with them)

    Less than $10, pretty lightweight, and worked for a long time for me until I opted to go with dutchgear.

    All kinds of options. Just avoid using stretches too much to make it an effective ridgeline.

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    Single Line Tarp Ridge Line

    I replaced my ridgeline with a Single Line Tarp Ridge Line from Whoopies Slings. I added a line tensionoer (Just Jeff's) to the S biner that attaches the fly to the ridgeline. I also made some additional line tensioners for use in the guyouts.

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