Does anyone have experience checking the Turtledog Stand as luggage?

I've traveled mine by car alot, and I think/hope it'll fly, so to speak, but see if y'all have any suggestion for this setup:

I made a heavy duty cordura fabric bag with a big ol shoulder strap. It has been traveling well from car to hotel room (or family's homes), and I thought I'd wrap both ends of the internal bundle in a towel or fabric and tie it up so the poles wouldn't slide around inside the bag. I'll throw the strap inside the bag at check in.

It looks like a ski bag basically....just a TINY bit heavier. its about 20-22 lbs on my old analog bathroom scales, and is 5' 2'' long( I cut down the 2x2s as low as I could hang with for this traveling version. Pic:

Oops there's that upside down thing again... Thanks for any suggestions or experience with this folks.