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    Quote Originally Posted by SwinginIt View Post
    You really need to go to a group hang. You will see every possible type of tarp and be able to see just what kind of coverage and bulk you can expect.

    I know!! Just have to wait for one close that I can make it to!
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    HH- The mamba jamba will suit you well. You really will be surprised at how well a basic hex tarp covers. I was very surprised. I was nervous that it would not protect, but my fears were laid to rest on a canoe trip I took. After a few nights of rain, I was dry and comfy. Now, it wasn't a blowing gale, but it worked great in regular summer T-storms.
    Again, there are lots of used tarps for sale, so you can take it easier on the wallet...
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    4shot you are right on I have gotten to the point that when one of these guys that is all about weight hikes with us and then start asking for items to borrow the answer has been no. It does not make sense to go out where there may be no help and not have a basic tarp at the least. Also, when it comes to weight versus cost it is very hard to jump to a CF for a few oz. It is not a marathon but a journey, take you time and enjoy the trip.

    Side note: I live at the GSNP and the big thing here is to hike every trail but, what I have learned talking to most that do that is they have not seen the wonders of nature. Many times when I talk to them to and discuss what is in the area they hiked they never have seen it. Remember it is a JOURNEY.

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