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    Hey all, I am new to the forums, although I've been lurking since August of last year, so I thought it was about time I introduced myself. I got into a Hammock this summer when I decided I didn't like sleeping in a mattress, since at 6'3" my feet always hang off the end, and set out on a quest to find a different "bed". Kicked around a couple different options and settled on a hammock. I went hard mode and gave away my mattress and box springs. Took a few months of trial and error, adjusting the hang, trying to figure out how to read the hang calculator, learning how to lay in a hammock and finally getting the temperature right. It has definitely been a journey and has involved many a night sleeping on the floor in frustration after staring at the ceiling for 2 hours not being able to fall asleep . Many of your posts and answers to others questions have been of immense help along the way, and I can finally say that I truly look forward to sleeping in my hammock every night, and am more comfortable than ever. Recently I've been reading a ton of articles and am looking forward to getting into some hammock camping this spring/summer. Things are rather tight financially right now, but I am saving my pennies and prepping on the research side of things. Thanks for all the help!
    First picture is where I started at, horrible angle and all second is where I am now with my custom underquilt, ridgeline and such
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