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    Using a pup tent as a tarp in winter

    Has anybody thought about doing this? I'm new to hammocking, just got my stuff at the end of summer of '13 and only slept out once. My knowledge base is, well, somewhat short of most. But I was watching one of Shug's vids where he showed his winter tarp which had doors sewn on the ends and it brought to mind the old classic floorless pup tent that we used when I was in the boy scouts.

    Those were canvas, of course, and way too heavy to hang it would seem but nowadays they make nylon pup tents that can be had for $30-$40 and all I would have to do is take the floor off and put on some tie-outs.
    Has anyone else given this any thought or tried it?

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    I've seen pics of people hanging their hammock through the large A-frame canvas camp tents before. But the problem is the ends of the hammock stick out, exposed to the elements. If it rains, water will just run right in. Most tarps I see used for hammocks are at least 10'. I don't see many tents that long in the A-frame style.
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    this is a nylon A-frame tent, commonly available from Tex-Sports and Stansport; under a 9x11 tarp rigged long way;

    the A-frame tent is NOT long enough to cover most hammocks......

    EDIT: the tarp shown; could be rigged to have doors at the ends, by putting guylines at the center two grommets to make a perfect 45 degree right triangles at the corners for the doors; I've been thinking maybe I could get away with an asymmetric sort of layout having only one tie out on each side, making for a longer triangle corner on each side...OR maintain the hex shape but use a V shaped guyline to single stakes on each side?


    if you don't really care about weight, wal-mart, harbor freight, and similar stores WILL have tarps from 9x8 to 20x10, and for what you are looking for, a 10x12 could be the ticket....would make for a really big tarp set up like an A frame with the options of doors on the ends....

    if you're looking for weight, rectangle nylon ripstop tarps could be had for a little more than what a tent costs....depending on where you get it from.

    EDIT 3: for $60 plus shipping, you get a 2 pound, 1 oz PU coated nylon tarp from 10x12ft. (versus 3 pounds 8oz for the plastic poly tarps from Wal Mart)
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    Basically that's what the hot tents are is a canvas wall tent without the need for poles at the peak.


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    In the earlier days of hf, someone used an actual canvas GI 2halves . He posted pics. Can it be done? Sure, aand you will have fun trying out ideas.

    Ps. Saw your question ont the adk forum. Welcome to both forums!

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