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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    you have a much older model, since then i've shortened/tightened the shockcord quite a bit, and it tends to stay put alot better both side to side and lengthwise. try this, i think it will do the trick. it should also make it easier to get a tight seal at the ends.
    Try what, tightening it up some more? Well, OK but it works pretty darn good already.

    I may have given the wrong impression. It's really not a big deal or problem at all, it stays put pretty well. It's a somewhat "occasional" thing that it might slip up above my shoulders enough to cause venting. And very quickly and easily fixed if it does happen. This thing rocks! ( and OTOH, it is just super easy to vent if needed).
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    Quote Originally Posted by utilisateur View Post
    Take-a-knee that is exactly the point, it is either a headhole or adjustable layers and i'm planning to put a headhole in the UQ and make my TQ adjustable.
    I cant imagine a headhole with overlapping insulation and a good closure is a problem with an UQ, you think it is?

    So your Torso UQ with both layers (?) was still comfortable at 50F? , with or without venting? What is its average lowest comfortable temperature?
    I don't have enough data to give you a temp rating. Theoretically 2 layers of 3.7oz combat should take you well down into the 30's but I can't personally confirm that yet, and it'll be this fall before I can. i still say you should just buy or build a No Sniveler if you want a headhole. I plan to build a summer NS, I know JRB makes the Stealth but I want one-inch baffles.

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