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    Maxi 4season tarp (coyote brown!), from

    About 6 weeks ago I was looking at, and liked the light grey 4 season tarp, great winter camo and only $120 in silnylon. The diamond tarp that came with my Claytor didn't offer much protection, and I winter hang in Upper Michigan. Shortly after, the website changed and the tarp was gone. I sent an e-mail asking about the tarp, and got a reply from Dave, aka Lost Biker. He stated that he took the tarp off the site but could still make me one, and that he could also do black, coyote, blue, or olive. This got me thinking, I had just got a desert tan underquilt, and the coyote would blend in better in most places all year, but the light grey would stand out other than in winter. Coyote it would be!

    Lost Biker was a pleasure to do business with, and soon I had my tarp. I had also asked about some scrap material for a ground sheet, and he included a piece that is almost 6x8, no charge! I set the tarp up yesterday and slept out last night when we had 25mph wind and a couple inches of snow. Man, does that ever make a difference from my old tarp! Today I put together my poles and put them on for the "pole mod", and snapped some pix.

    Lost Biker, thank you very much, it was $ well spent.

    My old setup

    DSC00001 by U.P. Evo8, on Flickr

    New setup

    DSC00056 by U.P. Evo8, on Flickr
    DSC00057 by U.P. Evo8, on Flickr
    DSC00058 by U.P. Evo8, on Flickr
    DSC00059 by U.P. Evo8, on Flickr
    DSC00062 by U.P. Evo8, on Flickr
    DSC00067 by U.P. Evo8, on Flickr

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    Glad you like it Eric! Looks great with the pole mod you did. Beautiful area your in!

    Take care!

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