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    on the SPE or the pad.?
    my tarptent has the strips or zig-zags painted but the pad still slides. I was running out and probably didn't get enough down to hold the pad but it sure picks up leaves and dirt easily

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    Awesome pics Ewker. That tree with the hole in it looks like the one that the Headless Horseman came out of everynight in that movie. Not so sure that I would be crawling in and out of it. Especially since its on the Bogeyman, uhm, I mean Boogerman trail. And that rock wall....if you know someone that can build a wall like that, send him to my house. I need a nice landscape wall. Looks like a great trip. BD
    Just Jeff made me do it

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    Great pics! Nice trail with awesome trees. I've become much more aware of trees since joining this site. Also, loop hiking is lot more fun than out and back and less complicated than arranging a reliable shuttle.

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    I live in england and a lot of the countrys walls are built like this they are known here as dry stone wall!!!maybe boogerman came from england or was shown how to build them by a drystonewaller from the uk because it looks identical to the ones here.

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