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    Injector Question

    So I have been kicking the idea of picking up a machine since last summer some time. I have been kind of getting the urge again. Maybe going to pick something up with a bit of tax money.

    I went to a local shop and told them what my intention was and the most likely materials I would be using. They pointed me towards a Janome My Excel 23L, she also referred to it as the 3023. They had it priced at $219. Came with all the included feet, from what I could tell but I couldn't tell you specifics on them they were all lettered, and some other accessories. They said it was cleaned and gone over before getting put on the floor. Is this a fair price? I saw the newest model of the 3023 on amazon for between $350-450. Similar prices on ebay, all the newer model.

    Before today have never touched a sewing machine.

    I'm not sure this is going to be a regular thing, or just a passing fancy, but I can't see myself being happy with cheapie from wally world. The other side of it is, I'm not sure I want to put down 200 bones for something that may end up sitting in the case a majority of the time if I end up not being that into it.

    Would this machine hold it's value should I not want it anymore? I've been looking on the local craigslist, but I'm even less sure about some of the stuff on there.

    I'm sure there may be more questions going forward, but any help would be cool. Thanks.

    Forgot to add the quick pic I snapped while at the store.

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