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    Abrams frozen hang

    Took a little trip to Abrams site one again. Easy hike but man was it flooded. The smallest crossing was knee deep. It usually just barely comes to the top of your shoes. Spent the night in the butt sling. Had my home made UQ this time. Found that I didn't make it correctly. It took a while to get it positioned under the hammock so it would even give me a little protection. It's gone now. Chucked that thing. I'm just going to buy one. LOL.

    Took a buddy who has never been out over night in the back country before. He had a blast! My son went with me of course and enjoyed every moment. The only thing I found odd this time is that it was really, really quiet. No sounds hardly at all. Just the water off in the distance. There is usually a cow, dog, cat, or something that makes some king of racket.

    On a side note. We got to meet a local legend in this area. Bill Landrey of "The Heartland Series" walked right up to us and just started talking to us. It was great! He is a very nice and polite person. I enjoyed talking to him. Come to find out the dog that usually shows up at our sites is his dog. He loves tuna, just saying.

    I'm planning another trip in the next month. Probably back to site 1 and 17 or even cut across from 1 to 15 then to cades cove. Not sure yet. Just depends on if I get this job or not. I'm on contract at the moment. I'm hoping the "find" or "create" a position for me. If not, then I'll go where the GL see's fit.

    Edit: Forgot to mention it dropped down to 17. cold enough for me to feel it but I stayed toasty. The only thing that got cold where the heels of my feet.
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    Did your friend and son hammock too? Im glad your diy quilt at least kept you warm for the night!
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    Sounds like a good trip.
    Will your friend be joining you again? It is fun seeing the backcountry thru the eyes of a person new to it.
    I'm jealous of your east TN location. I need to be closer to mountains (though I shouldn't complain, I see cars from Ohio & Florida all the time in the parking lots).

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