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    NEW Mod for Alum Stand & Superfly Mod *

    Hi Folks
    well first these ideas came turtle lady - turtle dog - Agfadoc - tendertoe1 - (fly mod) and a couple mods of my own.
    aluminum army surplus poles - but I used a piece of 12x12x3/8 aluminum plate cut in half. I used a metal drill bit to get the angle I needed I used the side of the bit to shave off metal. the poles do not come out because of the 550 clove hitch. I need to trim the plate so when I store them 1 plate goes down and 1 up in the surplus bag they came in. I used velcro to keep poles from coming apart while I am setting it up but this morning (here) I saw Grainger snap buttons that I am going to switch to.
    The hammock is a warbonnet ridge runner and super fly.
    the top guilt is a Feathered Friends big wall bag (Rock Wren Nano)
    the under quilt is a Feathered Friends Penguin Nano
    I used regular sleeping bags because The Wren (TQ) has a zipper down the middle like a top quilt but also 8" arm holes and a drawstring bottom so you can wear it to write your name in the snow. (shugemery)
    I used The Penguin (UQ) becaused I owned it already. and liked the idea of having a more versatile bag. Than Just an UQ
    I sewed a sheet out of 3-ply Ultrex put grommet hangers on the corners and sewed a zipper around the perimeter then just zipped the bag in there.
    I had 4 grommet holes so I could get the distance right - not to crush the loft or leave a draft gap. have been testing it in 10 to 20 and so far so good. I do use a Cocoon bag liner that helps warm it up.
    The Superfly Mod came from tendertoe1
    This mod makes the fly really versatile.
    I just sewed it in instead of his way which did not need a sewing machine
    the photos explain it better
    and yes I am pretty brave showing you that goofy photo of me in the bag. LOL
    Hey and Thanks to all of you out there I have learned so much from this forum.
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    I think you're on to something there with the union at the top of the tripod.


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