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    WBBB XLC and Edge

    My package arrived yesterday much quicker then anticipated. My first impression upon opening the package was the quality of workmanship. My second impression is how thin, light, and compressible the tarp is. It almost seems to fragile to use even though it is quite tough. It is hard to believe just how good modern light weight fabrics are.

    Upon getting home from work I did a test hang in my garage. This makes it easy to play with the hammock in the dark and make the necessary adjustments. The Hammock is very comfortable with no calf pressure and plenty of room in the foot box. I am glad I got the DL 1.7 for the extra durability and flexibility that it offers. I did play around with pads in between the layers and it worked great.

    I hung the Edge Tarp over the XLC just to get a good idea of its coverage. It is not staked out on the sides and the hang is far from ideal since I do not have lower attachment points in the garage. It does need to be hung lower and closer to the hammock. To me it looks like the Edge will function best with an overhead ridge line. There is a ribbon down the center that I think would be hard to position properly with a ridge line under the tarp. If the ribbon was not perfectly centered over the ridge line I could see the possibility of water puddling up on the tarp. Does that sound right?
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    Congrats on some fine gear!!! Yes, either setup the edge like you have it or tie off each side separate... Enjoy....
    We would be one step closer to world peace, if everyone slept in a hammock..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain Gout View Post
    Congrats on some fine gear!!! Yes, either setup the edge like you have it or tie off each side separate... Enjoy....
    +1 to that.

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