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    Handy Hundred rope use for a clew (naval hammock)?

    -Handy Hundred: nylon rope that reports to have a tensile strength of 100lb. ( )

    -Clew ( )

    So I have already made set of clews for a porch hammock with some poly rope from Home Depot. The rope is rated for the same as the Handy Hundred, 100lbs, but is 1/4 inch rope. I'm not sure size of the Handy Hundred, but its pretty small. The website has 4 sizes and all in the millimeter range. I thought if I made a clew with 12 or more nettles then the Handy Hundred could possibly work as clew.

    Does using the Handy Hundred for a clew sound like a bad or good idea?

    I know I could use zing it, but I don't have any and the Handy Hundred is only $2. Maybe the rope being $2's is a sign that this is a bad idea.
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