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    Any benefit to getting the DL 1.1 instead of the SL 1.7 if using UQ?

    Hi, I am ordering an XLC and I am definitely going to be using an under quilt. I weigh 170 lbs so I am definitely within the weight limits of both the double layer 1.1 and the single layer 1.7.

    Is there any reason to go with the double layer over the single? The only thing I can think of is that mosquitoes supposedly have a harder time biting through a double layer, but would they even be an issue with a UQ?

    The single layer 1.7 is a little lighter and a little less expensive so unless there is a real benefit to the double 1.1 I think I will get the single layer.

    Thanks for your insight!

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    If you ever plan to push your gear or yourself to it's/your lower temperature limits you may want to add a supplemental pad in between the two layer xlc. Resale value might be something to think of also. I would also think that a double layers life span might be longer, less wear and tare.

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