Grizz..... terrific info there. I started with cord and knots. Always liked them and may go back but as of late I am a webbing and cinch buckle boy. At this point don't mind a wee extra ounces and I really like the convenience and quickness at the end of a day of woods walking.
I used the tri-glides for a time. They work well but I found them hard to un-do at times .... especially in the cold.
Speaking of which, in the coldest of cold I often switch to descending rings as they are easier to work with my gloves on.
I am into the epitome of laziness .... comes from all that hammock time. Just want to sway in the breeze and do some woods staring. I even like staring at my tarp stitching in my hammocky bliss.
Good to see your Video return!
Gonna miss you on the Northern hang but sometime we will all hang again.
Shug of the Slippery Stitch