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    DD jura 2 sleeping bag

    I just ordered a DD jura 2 sleeping bag and was wondering if anyone has seen or used one. They seem nice and are made for hammock camping with a center zip and waterproof footbox. I know quilts are the way to go but right now I'm having to poorboy it.

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    Just got it

    I just got my new bag. I will give it a try this weekend but first impressions it seems to be top notch. It packs down about 8x12 but maybe might get it a little smaller, It weighs about 3 lbs but a lot of that weight is because of the waterproof footbox. I will try a get some pictures this weekend also. For 100.00 delivered I don't think you can go wrong.

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    Update !!!!!!!!

    Well I finally a got chance to put this bag through it's paces under various conditions. I used it in 25 deg F with a full length 3/8 CSF pad and was plenty warm but found out real quick that pads suck as I got soaked from condensation and fought to keep it in place. After getting my new JARBIDGE underquilt from KAQ ( Thanks Paul ) Friday I was ready to give it another shot and after the rain stopped sat eve I set up in the yard again. It got down to 27 deg F with 89% humidity I woke up a little cool (not cold ). I am sure the humidity played a part in this as everything was wet upon waking. One thing about this bag I noticed was that my feet stayed really warm due to the waterproof material at the footbox and the way it cuts down on heat loss and keeps it's shape and doesn't fall on your feet. One major note is that this is NOT a large bag and if your a large person you may find it a little tight around the torso area, as it measures 5 ft from zip to zip laid out flat, so grab a tape measure and wrap 5 ft around you to check for fit. I slept with only a cotton T- shirt and sweat pants both times. I would like to see how this bag works on the ground ( Heaven Forbid ) should it be needed. One other note is the center zip works great for getting in and out when in the hammock. Sorry for taking so long to test but unlike Shug I'm not a winter camper LOL.

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    Nice review! Looks like you got some more testing to do . He he he he.
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