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    Thanks, Picaro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Picaro View Post
    Hennessy were quick with a response, and here it is.....

    Hi Robert - Do you have the zip or classic Velcro version of the Explorer Ultralight? In the zip versions, the elastic cord with clip is meant to secure the bug mesh to that side opposite of the zipper if you want to open the hammock up. Once the bug mesh is unzipped and rolled up on the one side you can take that clip on the end of the bungee and attach it to the "o" ring on the outside of the hammock. This keeps the bug mesh in place quite well. In the classic version there are just the clips and the purpose is too hold one of our reflector pads in place if you choose to buy one. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
    Thank you,
    thank you!

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    On my first hang with my son this question came up as we both have Expedition zips. He came up with the notion taking the elastic cord over the RL and clipping back to the ring, creating tension that keeps the pullout from under your left shoulder and thus giving you more shoulder room. I must say it seems to work.
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