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    Quote Originally Posted by SilvrSurfr View Post
    In the competitive bear-bagging event, will Ursacks be allowed?

    How about a competitive cat-hole event? I'm thinking we would have quite a few DQDTCs (Disqualified Due to Constipation). Maybe we should allow laxatives for the older competitors?

    That is a pretty small cat hole. I'm not certain that anyone could actually hit that cat hole, even fewer could take care of their business inside that cat hole.

    I have always enjoyed social outings. Backpacking, winter camping, fly fishing and now hammock camping. Activities are great because you can pick and choose the ones you might want to do. Sometimes I find myself really enjoying the campfire socializing, and don't mind a nice long walk away from the fire to get to my more remotely set up camp for the night.
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    gqgeek, I was one of the planners in setting up the 3rd Annual Sherpa Hang. It is hard work. Some people that sit back and wait to see what happens have this assumption have these gathering happen by magic. I will say that my only desire on reaching the campsite last Friday was to park my arse in a chair by the fire pit and let the rest happen as may. By that time I was whipped. Granted it's nice to check out others rigs but my only competition is to be first in line to the grub. Somewhere the ancient gray matter recalls a quote about the fact that we go to the woods not to rough it but to smooth it. And smoothing it is what I do at the group hangs. Between bourbon and old age I could keep on rambling all night. To experience what I'm trying to convey come to the Florida Hang next January and see the many aspects of how we enjoy a hang. We all eat, some hike. some paddle, some don't do a **** thing. But we all have a grand time.
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