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    Quote Originally Posted by riverjoe View Post
    I think I understand . The material I have for the hammock itself is about 1.9 ripstop and Im a little worried about my 250 pound self on that after I make the 10 length wise baffels stitched every 6 inches . The quilt itself will be 5 feet wide by 6'6 long .
    The bottom of the quilt would be 70 inches wide to accommadate the larger semicircle .
    So the triangles will be spaced 6 inches apart on the hammock and 7 inches apart on the bottlom of the quilt or maybe 7.5 inches after I test things .

    edit .. I got to thinking I might need to put some darts in my triangular tubes since I may need to accomadate the lengthwise curvature also .. so then the dimension of the quilt will be 6 foot 6 on the underside of the hammock and maybe 7 foot or more on the bottom of the quilt .
    Good thinking on the length adjustments. I think the 1.9 ripstop might be okay, even with sewn baffles, but suggest using long zig-zag stitches.

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    Harvesting the Harbor Freight shock cord is a great idea.

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