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    says 90 inches long between the bar.... that is still under 10 feet. I was thinking if you could make a long long relatively wide bridge hammock, say a deck of around 60 inches (5-6 feet of material width), and 12 feet between the bars; 144 inches or so? would it be more...comfortable for two people to lay relatively side by side but slightly overlapping? it'll be a humongous bridge hammock though, and may not be easy to find two trees over 20 feet apart and set up so that you have the right sag but the right length...

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    I was wondering if one could just make a triangular two person hammock with a spreader bar at one end to attach to one tree and have them converge to a single point at the other end attached to a second. Sort of like a Vertex with a spreader bar. The bridge aspect would be abandoned...but...hmmm...just a brainstorm idea.

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    So how easy/hard would it be to make one of these? My SO and I are doing two-up in a Deep Jungle XL which allows for hugging and creative load testing, but is fairly forcibly close, and in very warm weather or after being caught in a rainshower can be quite uncomfortable. Part of this is going to be addressed through a larger rainfly than the stock assym one to provide a place to towel off before climbing in, but I'd like something more ...generally habitable. The Clark Vertex aside from being expensive, is heavier than I want to carry, and still doesn't address the times when proximity is desired. ;-) I have no intention of becoming a ground dweller, so I'm still looking at options. Your double looks pretty great!

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