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    straps for now
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    Hammock Setups Under $300

    Hammock:$150 - $170 Warbonnet Blackbird
    Suspension:$0 included with Blackbird
    Tarp: $95 MacCat Standard
    Insulation$11.50 Landau closed cell pad (scroll down to closed cell)

    Total: $256.50 - $276.50

    Hammock Setups Over $400 (dream)
    To the above trade any Jacks or Better Down Underquilt ($250 - $300+) for the pad

    Total: $500 - $600

    Note... this may seem like a lot of money, but it isn't when you consider what it costs to buy cheap stuff then replace it with good stuff....
    I agree... I would have saved the green had I just purchased the good stuff at the getgo!

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    HH DX Asym with 4 season insulation
    Typhoon rain fly
    Super Shelter
    2"X96" webbing
    Ok, here goes. I have listed this in my intro but, will do it here also.
    1. Explorer Deluxe Asym $219.95
    96"x2" straps add $5
    2. Typhoon Rain Fly 70D Polyester $89.95
    3. Radiant Double Bubble Pad XL $34.95
    4. Super Shelter 4-Season Insulation System $149.95
    Snake Skins were free when ordering hammock online
    For a grand total of $499.80 so I guess I just make the $500 and under mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by headchange4u View Post
    The object of the challenge is to put together a hammock setup within a specific price range. Your system should include, at bare minimum, a hammock, a tarp, suspension, and some sort of insulation. Shoot for a 3 season temperature range, like 40*F and up. Assume that:

    1. Someone buying one of these setups already owns a sleeping bag for top insulation.

    2. Weight is not an issue 3. Bug protection is optional. 4. Accessories (guy line, biners, cinch buckles, rings, stakes, etc) are optional. 5. No sewing and only minor modifications may be necessary. Provide links if possible. You don't have to answer all of them but bonus points for those that do. I'm looking for:

    Walmart or other bargain bin 1.1 oz fabric and make a 5x11 or 5x12 double layer hammock, hem it and done - $20

    Alternate short cheap hammock - Grand trunk ultralight - $20
    (replace the suspension)

    Amsteel Whoopie Slings - MYOG or buy - Cheap or $18 ready made

    Tree Straps - Harbor Freight tie downs 2500# or donated 1" Mule Tape - Free or $10.

    Gossamer Gear wide 1/4 pad or other shaped pad - $37

    Garlington Taco - Free if you have a poncho some garbage bags and some emergency blankets.

    Wilderness Logic's custom length (if you need it) 12' long tadpole tarp - $115 or $140 depending on the length, IE for a Grand trunk ultralight you dont need a 12' long tarp.

    $200 with the 11' tarp.

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    Awesome info just not sure on which hammock to get. Noob

    Alright, first off. I'm 6'2" at 150, but I'm still growing. Eek. I would like to go hammock and get off the ground. Weight is really not an issue as long as it's 5lbs or under. Maybe bulk to a minimum. I've looked at the eno one link but not sure also the WB BB. I've got $200-$250 range. Something that will get me 30 up. Thanks for all the help

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    Cinch Buckle Strap
    Quote Originally Posted by 11insanity11 View Post
    Alright, first off. I'm 6'2" at 150, but I'm still growing. Eek. I would like to go hammock and get off the ground. Weight is really not an issue as long as it's 5lbs or under. Maybe bulk to a minimum. I've looked at the eno one link but not sure also the WB BB. I've got $200-$250 range. Something that will get me 30 up. Thanks for all the help
    Welcome to the forum!
    There are a lot of options for someone your size. I do suggest going with an 11 foot hammock right off the bat as anything shorter could/will give you problems. I'm 6' 3" also ( and quit growing loooong ago) and sorted through several hammocks before hitting on an 11 foot I like.
    or something less expensive

    Suspension,,,,,make it easy for your first effort. Cinch buckle and strap are simple to use and adjust.

    Insulation can be accomplished easily for what ever you want to spend. I do suggest an under quilt over pads, but pads are much cheaper.
    Top cover, or top quilt, can be anything from a fleece blanket, sleeping bag or a made to order top quilt.
    BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING, watch Shug's Video's

    Good luck and Enjoy
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    1' DIY/Amstl Loops
    I'm coming from a tent background. As I see it, what's the diff between a cinch buckle or anything else as it pertains to a noob? If it's light, easy, safe (with a stop knot,) and cheap, why is it not the standard?

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    Thanks for the reply. I still like the eno and the black bird. I've seen a lot of people buy there first "beginner" hammock, then have to spend another $200 on an actual hammock. I would like to just get an actual camping hammock, but then I do not have the experience of what I like and what I don't. So I'm not sure on what to do. I have watched shug's videos. That was a ton of help.
    What kind of tarps does everyone use? I think I've seen maccat?
    Should I go with a double layer hammock, because most under quilts are about $150, right? I think I could survive with a pad
    I'm in Texas so might aswell have an integrated bug net.
    I was definitely thinking of that suspension or some atlas straps from eno.
    Also, I'm not much into diy, I'd rather just buy some good quality stuff
    Thanks for putting up with the noobish questions of mine

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    DIY Gear Winter
    HH SS
    Whoopie Sling
    The HH scratch and dent sale is normally 10/1, you can get some great deals.

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    I got into my setup pretty cheap with the hammock from WOOT. I've been happy with it for my first hammock but I'm sure I will be upgrading very soon...

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    Re: Newbie Hammock Setups.

    I'm looking at my first hammock which is the DH thunderbird. I'm wanting a double layer and Im trying to figure out which material is best for the inside and outside. Which is more durable and which is more comfortable nylon vs polyester. Also to anyone who has used them, is the whoopie sling or cinch buckle better?

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