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    Drusilla, might I suggest that if you are considering hammock sleeping 7 (24/7 sleeping is a bit extreme ), look around outside and see if it allows somewhere to hang. Because the night air is so much more pleasant than heated inside air. If you can open a window without having your home heating system try to heat the whole outdoors, that would work too. I find the ability to breath outside air (as long as neighbors aren't using those smelly dryer sheets) rather than heated/dry air, a real treat.
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    So when I first started hanging I was all about budget gear (and still am) I didn't have much money at all so I worked with that I could get. I started just lounging and then decided to go on weekend trips in my Canoe which I really enjoy and am hoping to start backpacking this year once I get the rest of my gear sorted out.

    My first trip gear was
    isYoung Hammock with mosquito net - $28 - Amazon
    9x11 blue tarp - $7 - Harbor Freight
    Cam Buckle Straps - $10 - Harbor Freight
    DIY Gemini Underquilt - $65ish
    Old coleman sleeping bag I've had forever
    Total - $110

    It was a good first time out. I got really good sleep and kept nice and warm. I kinda decided I would like a larger Hammock to get even more comfortable, the isYoung is only 9.5ft x 57in. I still use the Hammock and under quilt.

    My set up once my new Dream Hammock arrives will be
    Dream Hammock Raven - $173
    Outdoors Way Hammock Tarp - $20 - Amazon
    ENO Atlas Chroma Straps - $15 - Camping World
    DIY Gemini Underquilt - $65ish
    Campland Down Mummy Bag - $26 - Amazon
    Total - $299

    Most of my newer gear was bought with coupons and discount codes. I've been gearing up all winter to get lighter and more compact. Just buying as I find deals and can afford. At full price the total is probably well over $400.
    I have never been a fan of just buying top of the line gear right out of the gate I kinda just get what I can afford, to get out and try new things then if I enjoy it I save and deal for better gear. If you ask me the right gear is the gear that gets you out and hanging! It may not be the cheapest in the long run but all my gear was bought over probably 4 years so I have had many adventures with my cheep gear that I wouldn't have had if I had to wait and save for really expensive gear. But if you have the money go for the high end gear it's totally worth it!

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    I’m new hear and just completed a camping trip with my new hammock.

    Under $100

    I did a Easthills combo $70
    Includes hammock, bugnet, straps, and tarp.
    I used an old therma rest par and big agnus sleeping bag. A friend loaned me a snug under blanket. It worked well. The second night was great the 1st night not so good. I have it set up at fort Davis right now for the weekend.

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