I'm sure that browsing this forum for the first time can be confusing and overwhelming to the hammock noob. One of the most frequently asked questions by any new members here on Hammock Forums is, "I'm new to hammock camping. What is a good hammock/tarp/insulation system to start with?"

To help answer that questions for any future newcomers, I'm issuing a challenge. The gloves are off. Consider yourself taunted.

The object of the challenge is to put together a hammock setup within a specific price range. Your system should include, at bare minimum, a hammock, a tarp, suspension, and some sort of insulation. Shoot for a 3 season temperature range, like 40*F and up. Assume that:

1. Someone buying one of these setups already owns a sleeping bag for top insulation.

2. Weight is not an issue

3. Bug protection is optional.

4. Accessories (guy line, biners, cinch buckles, rings, stakes, etc) are optional.

5. No sewing and only minor modifications may be necessary.

Provide links if possible. You don't have to answer all of them but bonus points for those that do. I'm looking for:

The Ultimate Budget Setup: Under $50

Hammock Setups Under $100

Hammock Setups Under $200

Hammock Setups Under $300

Hammock Setups Under $400

Hammock Setups $400 and Up (or your dream system)

I'll get things started:

The Ultimate Budget Setup: Under $50
(aka the Walmart Special. All these Items should be available at your local WM)

Super Cheap 8x10 tarp (example) $9
Kalisto Hammock $19
Walmart blue CCF pad $9
Webbing from ratchet straps $10
__________________________________________________ _______________

Total: $47

Hammock Setup Under $100

Gear Guide 12x12 tarp $30
Walmart blue CCF pad $9
Kalisto Hammock $19
Webbing from ratchet straps for suspension. $8-10
__________________________________________________ ________________

Total: $77

Hammock Setups Under $200

Skeeter Beeter Pro $58
Gear Guide 12x12 tarp $30
Speer 4x4 SPE $45
Walmart blue CCF pad X 2 $18
Ratchet strap webbing $9
__________________________________________________ _____________

Total: $160


HH Expedition Asym (includes tarp, hammock, & suspension) $140
Speer SPE 2x2 $35
Walmart blue CCF pad x 2. $18
__________________________________________________ ___________

Total: $193